coloured glass splashbacks

Coloured glass splashbacks offer reflective design as well as stunning colour to suit your colour theme.

The beauty of glass is not always clear
It is now possible to create wonderful feelings of depth, space and light in your home using large spans of coloured glass. The technique we use is back painting where we apply a specially formulated paint to the back of the glass and you can see the colour through the glass.

Enhance your home with coloured glass splashbacks

Modern & Stylish Look


Very clean and hygienic


Highly stain resistant


Make your room spacious and modern

Light reflective surface brightens any room


Extremely strong and durable

Can be shaped to fit any wall


Heat and impact resistant

A Custom colour matching service

With our custom colour service, it is possible to choose from over 1000 Pantone colours and 215 RAL colours. Alternatively, we can match up to most paint manufacturers colours with our computerised colour matching system. We will make sure your coloured glass splashback matches your space as perfectly as possible.

Choosing a colour…

Choosing a colour can be a daunting task, but these links should help. Use these sites to help you choose a colour for your glass splashback design.

Add a touch of glass to your kitchen…or even your bathroom

Our coloured glass splashbacks offer a modern, stylish and stunning alternative to tiles, stainless steel and granite with an easy to clean surface.

Supply only

We supply our Glass Splashbacks to a variety of trade suppliers, so you can purchase the best quality glass splashbacks available from your local supplier.

Full service

From manufacture right through to supply, delivery and installation. By choosing this service, Cymru Glass Splashbacks will personally measure and fit the glass, ensuring everything fits perfectly in your home.