Template & Install of your glass splashback or glass panel

This service is a full service option. By choosing this option, Cymru Glass Splashbacks will measure and fit the glass panel to your individual requirements.

We will take full responsibility for the fitting and measurement of your glass and will ensure a perfect fit when installing. 

The lead time on our template and install service is approximately 7-15 working days from the approval of a site survey.


A local surveyor will visit you on site to take accurate and specific measurements of your intended space. We will survey all fittings and fixtures to ensure that the measurements are as accurate as possible. This enables us to guarantee a tolerance level of just 2mm.

Colour and finishes

Once we have measured your space, you will then be able to request samples to choose your final colour. We have 1000s of colours to choose from, but we also offer a colour matching system to professional paint supplier colours. Not only that, but we can offer a glass mirror finish, along with quartz, satin and flash effect.

Please note that any samples we provide will let in a bit more light than the larger pieces of glass. The colour of the actual glass panel or splashback may slightly vary tonally to the sample provided. To find out more, see our technical information page.

Glass Panel Splashback
Glass Panel Splashback
Glass Panel Splashback
Glass Panel Splashback

glass manufacture

Following our accurate survey of your space and your colour and finish choice, we will use our modern cutting machinery to produce your unique glass splashback. Our expert staff will manufacture your glass to the highest quality, using the latest technology to ensure the smallest engineering tolerance.

glass installation

Once your glass splashback or panel has been manufactured, our local fitters will install the glass in your home with as little distruption as possible. We will provide a full service that really enhances any room or space to the best of our abilities. The fitters will also leave the area clean and in a finished state, giving your glass the impact it deserves.

Expert advice

With years of experience, our staff can offer their advice and expertise to help you make the right decision for your space. We will provide you with technical advice right through to colour and finishing.

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