Technical information

Colour-spray is a technically advanced 2-part epoxy resin based paint, designed specifically for the glass industry, with focus on excellent adhesion and UV stability. The system is ideally suitable for applications where back-painting of glass is required such as in kitchens, bathrooms, spandrel and cladding.


We recommend that 6mm glass be used in splashback applications and this should be toughened when being placed behind cookers or in close proximity to high heat. It is also recommended that all applications below a 1200mm threshold should be toughened.

Although Colourspray provides a very close commercial match to almost any paint colour, this can vary when being viewed through the glass with varying shades of green hue due to high iron content in standard glass. This can be alleviated with the use of low iron alternatives such as Pilkington Opti White, Guardian UltraWhite, Saint Gobain Diamant, PPG Starfire or Glaverbel/AGC Clearvision. Other low iron content glass may also be available.

Fixing the glass

When fixing, we recommend the use of our Colourspray LMF Application Adhesive. Colourspray LMF has been specially formulated for use with the Colourspray system to avoid colour fading and other problems that occur when using incorrect materials for the bonding of glass to substrates.

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